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  1. Mordi

    I think my tegu is scratching up his lips trying to escape from his enclosure :(

    Recently I’ve noticed that Kamata’s upper lip (?) scale has been scratched up. A while ago he was having problems with a bacterial infection so at first I assumed that it was just remnants of it (his scales have always been a little wrinkly even after his treatment) but as I’ve been keeping an...
  2. Largelizards

    Tegu wound

    My tegu got a nick on top of his head. I rinsed and applied triple Antibiotic. Other than continually rinsing and reapplying over the next few days, is there anything else I could be doing. Thanks in advance
  3. Droffig61

    Advice for an Injured Nose/Snout

    I just got a wild captured Tegu from Homestead Fla. She is beautiful, at to me. On the trip home and for the first week, she was really rubbing her nose a lot. It is now very reg and looks kind of bad to me. See pic. Is there anything I can do to try to help heal her snout? Thanks, Keith
  4. M

    Splinter in Mouth

    Hi! I've been caring for reptiles for 4 years now and have never had anything like this happen. We got in a juvenile Gold Tegu a few months ago and hes been doing great up until a week ago. My coworker and I noticed he was a bit lethargic and took him out immediately to take a look. Lo and...
  5. Albert

    Injured tegu

    I have a b&w tegu about 4-5 months old. Had him out for his free roam time and turned my back for a second to thaw some pinkies and he pulled a laptop charger on himself. Now he’s limping on his front right foot. Being Sunday nothing is open. I don’t think it is broken. There is no deformation...