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Hey hey I have been meaning to reach out to you and say hello... I have been going to the reptile shows and still no luck in finding a black and white hatchling yet... I’m still looking
sorry didn’t see this, are you still looking ? If so I can possibly send some numbers that might have some your way
hello I'm new at this. so I have just a question just wondering if I'm doing this right. for my baby. Her name is X she is about 3 years old. She is beautiful, she has been shedding about 1 month now but hasn't shed her tail is this normal. I have only had her about 2.5 months.
hello there,
congratulations on your black & white argentine tegu. I got 2 of them back in March named Chompa & Tegoots-Rex. Initially, Tegoots-Rex settled in and started eating like a champion. Chompa took at least 2 months before she felt like home. Fast forward to December and Chompa is bigger than Tegoots-Rex lol.
Good luck, and a Happy Healthy New Year to you!
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That's awesome:)
Thanks yeah she is my third reptile ever.
Any tips would be appreciated
It sounds like you love your babies! I love my dragon but the love I have for my tegu is different. I really connect with him and I have a huge respect for him and I try to make sure he knows it. My fiancé and my little one are both jealous of my lizards, as I spend almost all my free time with them somewhere on my body lol I’m only a beginner when it comes to tegus though so I can always learn more!!! :)
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They are awesome. I find the more you take them out to explore the more they adapt. I've noticed they've learned to use the bathroom outside their tanks the more they are out. I guess you can call that potty training a lizard . I'm sure your babies are in great hands.