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I think my tegu is scratching up his lips trying to escape from his enclosure :(


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Recently I’ve noticed that Kamata’s upper lip (?) scale has been scratched up. A while ago he was having problems with a bacterial infection so at first I assumed that it was just remnants of it (his scales have always been a little wrinkly even after his treatment) but as I’ve been keeping an eye on it I think that it isn’t just remnants of his infection or his coloring: I think it’s slowly getting worse :( he’s always pressed his nose on the door and tried to push it open so I worry that he’s going too hard at it and scratching himself. His enclosure is made out of wood with wooden walls!

I’m not sure why he’s been doing this because when I did take him to the vet to get him looked at he said that the temperature gradient and moisture in his enclosure were great! So I hope that it isn’t just because his enclosure isn’t suitable for him!!

Should I just get him out and handle him more?? Usually I will handle him for a few hours at a time but the problem has been that since he came out of brumation he’s been coming out of his hide super late in the evening instead of the afternoon like he used to so I don’t see him as often. I don’t know if I should start waking him up earlier to try to fix his schedule or what? Thank you guys for taking the time to read this!! It’s been a minute since I posted!!


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I don't see any problem with shuffling his schedule a little to accommodate yours. We all have our requirements right? Tegus like their enclosures after a while and will let you know when they want out, and back in as well. They're big nappers! I think I'd go that route, because he's out of brumation (right?) and it won't hurt to change him up a little.

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