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underground reptiles?


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Yes underground reptiles is a good place i just got my paraguayan red and white tegu from them 3 days ago and it came in perfect health and service is fast and good enough said


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Bought my red and bluexred hybrid from them. Eli came in great shape nikkitine not so much. Stuck shed scars all over broken finger was pretty upset about it but she is a absolute sweetheart. With eli they messed up the order and put him on a truck instead of pick up and he spent his day in a truck til 730 in the evening in the middle of august. I personally will never do business with them I would advise anyone else to double hell triple check your order with them and get a photo of the one they send. On the flipside they have awesome looking animals


Hey kellen do you have pictures posted of Eli? I want to see that mix :)[hr]
Nevermind. Just found your thread


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They do thier own captive breeding on all their skinks. You can see it on youtube. Personally I love them guys over there. Ive bought all my reptiles but 1 ball python from them and have never had any issues.


RE: Caimen Lizards

Melloney said:
Ben Siegel sold a Caimen Lizard for $270 on his FaceBook auction page.
So check him out.
He said he has loads of them. I think if you wanted one you could probably just email him with a similiar offer.
276...I got that caiman.


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Just wondering how long have some of u had ur animals that u got from underground reptiles lived for cause i have got some pets from pet stores like pet smart that don't seem to live long and like the next day after bringing them home there sick and was wondering how good underground reptiles was before i order from them
Underground Reptiles are perfectly fine to deal with. I own a reptile shop and make my purchases from them on the things I do not breed on my own. They are legit. What I like is you can actually call them and the owner himself takes the orders as well. If you have questions on sexes he will go and check while your on hold. There was (1) reptile out of the tons we purchased that did not make it because I think it was too young to ship, it was a frilled.


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i just ordered this week..got my brown basilisk and frilled dragon the next morning...theyre both healthy..active and eat like crazy..i recomend them big time...they even called me the same day to check on the reptiles and to make sure everything was ok...i will be ordering fromt them again :)


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I just got my argentine black and white from them and she is very healthy and eating well. I had to pick her up at the UPS fulfillment center and their system listed her as on the truck, which in Arizona would be a death sentence. So Underground I'm happy with, UPS not so much.... I will definitely buy from them again, though I may see if they can ship with FedEx never had issues with FedEx.