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Weird egg story. Has anyone heard of this happening?


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So my Blue Ice Tegu just turned one year old, and she didn't brumate this year. About 10 days ago she stopped eating and wouldn't poop so I thought that she had an impaction, took her to the vet, and they agreed. They said it didn't look calcified, so 4 days of duculate enemas should clear it up.
Well she didn't pass anything and started getting very lethargic, still not eating, and started throwing up.

I took her in for a followup and surgery today. As it turns out she didn't have an impaction.

My just turned 1 year old tegu, who didn't brumate, and has never been around any male tegu (I got her as a week old hatchling).
Had a full clutch of 40 eggs that started to rot and rupture because she couldn't physically lay them.

Has anyone heard of this happening? Tegus aren't a breed that just makes eggs every year (as far as I, and my other tegu owners know).
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Also is it possible that she had just become egg bound hence why the x-rays didn't show much, and that the misdiagnosis of impaction caused the laxatives and the tube to rupture the soft eggs making her sick and rot.
If it would've been noticed and just watched maybe when the eggs were ready she would have been able to lay them.

It makes me happy and upset because I'm glad she will be okay, but also the vet asked if I wanted her spayed during the surgery to remove the impaction. I said "no" since she has a higher chance to give albinos and I have breeders who wanted to when she was ready.

When the surgeon noticed it was eggs not impaction they spayed her without my permission incase of "future complications"
I would have rather taken the chances and watched her closer next year when she would be finally sexually mature, instead of taking the chance on what could be 1. Caused by the misdiagnosis 2. Could be a weird one off thing that happened.
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I haven't heard of this before, but I do know that if ypu want a successful breeding season and egglaying, brumation is necessary. Now I know blues don't need to brumate, but ypu said yours was a blue ice? So that tegunis no longer a pure blue so no brumatiing may have had a huge impact on her health. I'm no expert at all and this is just pure theory, but this is what I think may have happened.

Also I know that the vets who operated on your tegu shouldn't have spayed her, but I do know that they make it an oath to save an animal that needs it. Now they definitely should have had your permission, but in some cases they can go ahead with surgery if it's 100% necessary.

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