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The Act of Feeding

Hi everyone. I have a male adult Tegu. He is becoming less fond of me. I feel like it is due to our newest dog. They seems to not get along as the others do.
my real question is- do your all’s tegus try to eat the bowl or plate at feeding time or do I just have a derp for a repti-son? I mean the eggs are in the bowl and he grabs the side of the bowl like it’s food now. I literally have to tong feed as I am afraid he is going to break his face do you all have this issue? Is he just so excited? I feel like I feed him plenty...

This is a picture of his cool side of the enclosure. He only eats outside of the enclosure.



New Member
My tegu does this when the side of the dish is too high. Feed him from a plate with a low lip and he will not have such a hard time getting to the food. Sometimes I think they see the plate as part of the food. but if there isn't so much of it they can see their food better.