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Tegu taming VS monitor taming


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Hello guys, i was wondering if methods used to tame monitors will also work on tegus. Ive seen some videos from NERD on youtube, he breeds asian water monitors. And he states that if your taming your hatchling or juvenile you should Not give him deep substrate or any places to hide so they get used to your presence.
I would like to know if anyone has experience with this?
Or why you think this will or will not work for tegus

I own a colombian tegu wich is still verry skittish even after a few months there is verry litte improvement. 8 out of 10 times that i have time to interact with it burrows when i enter the room and it darts 100% of the time when i open the enclosure making it realy hard to interact

Im now building his new enclosure and im now thinking of just putting a cat litter box with substrate in it and leave the rest barren. Maybe with some wooden platforms or brances or something in it.
I recon he needs some humid substrate to shed properly but i can leave it to a minimum.


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Can't comment on Colombian Tegus, but I wouldn't do that to an Argentine Tegu. They're curious and will eventually come looking for activity.


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Well ive got it for 4 or 5 months now and there is verry little improvement, and i try to spend at least an hour a day with him so idk


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My experience told me that things seam to build and move slow for probs the first year with not much change..... Alpha has never liked to burrow so I only have a 5-8 cm of substrate anyway.

When alpha was skittish I used to just sit with my hand in the enclosure just so he got used to me.... If he was still I'd slowly move towards him until he dashed then id hold perfectly still until he stopped and try again...... just don't push too much if you see clear aggression.

I also used to and still do annoy Alpha at any given time with a little fuss and tickle whilst he is in his hide as this his is calm spot and it helped me to move closer without the flight instinct kicking in....... again don't push too hard if aggression shows.