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Tegu Enclosure Help

Hello, I will be getting myself a columbian tegu very soon and the time has come that I need to have an enclosure ready for him. Could you guys tell me what you use? How you made it? What works best for you? Any tips or advice is appreciated. Thank you


I have my young one in a 40 gallon breeder with Soil as the substrate and live plants. I'll be converting an old dresser into an enclosure when she gets bigger


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I used an old triple door wardrobe.... I stengthened the back board to use as the base lined it all with pond liner to try prevent the humidity destroying the wood and cut some windows in the front and replaced 2 of the doors with plexi glass as the ceiling... it measures 5 X 4 foot so gives plenty of floor space and is 2 foot high but with the glass roof doesn't look or feel enclosed for him.

I would highly recomend lining with pond liner though as the humidity destroyed my other in less than a year.