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Taking him out


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hi had question when I get home from work around 5-6pm my tegu is already hiding in the multch for the most part he doesn’t mind me digging him up but there is odd time he will hiss. What advice can I get to help with this I take him out on the weekend because I am home but during the weeek It’s kind hard because I don’t want him not to trust me because of me digging him out of his hide.
I was thinking of changing the light schedule but I assumed that won’t be good for him considering he’s been with me for 4.5 months . His lights go on at 8am -9pm.


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Leave his light schedule alone. If he's sleeping, some nights, take him out, place on your lap, covering his head with your shirt tail.


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4/5 months is still pretty new and you'll both still be learning about eachother...... I also see no harm in teasing your gu out but be mindful of his mood (if hes sleepy just let him sleep on you) but if the aggression continues / worsens stop and leave him be.


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He’s never shown aggression just the hissing and I always feed him some worms or a pinky when I wake him so he’s pretty happy or at least it seems he is . Thank you both for the information this really does help.
I’ll soon be building him a new home so I’ll be on the other forums too


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Ill jump on here and ask a similar question.

I have been taking my gu out when i see him out. which daily i can catch em up around 3 pm -5 pm ish. initially it is a fight. i get him out he whips, flips and shits all over me. then after about five minutes of fighting he chills. i tried the bathroom he hides in the corner. i tried the tub he hid near me but my legs kept falling asleep. so now i have been trying putting him near me on the couch and not letting him go to far from me where he explores and the area i allow. should i keep this up? i cant say im getting much mouth opening over the past few days. should i let him walk out of the enclosure or continue to catch him and craddle him to the couch. I havent been letting him roam due to the crevices in the house and my dog being in the house.

He is wild caught.

can someone tell me about tegu puberty he is about 24 - 30 inches and maybe 2lbs almost is this an adult or teenie with a tude?