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Post Pics and Names Of Your Favorite Reptile Species & Phases!

So My Favorite Monitor is the Crocodile Monitor (( Varanus salvadorii ))
, my favorite Iguana is the Rhinoceros Iguana.
my favorite python is the silver phase recticulated python
and my favorite tegu is the Red Tegu :D

so what are some of your favorites out there in one species of reptile? :D


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no my comp messed up and only had those left over and my tegu pics will be up the day he comes in from varnyard:D what kind of herps you got?


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I don't have a favorite reptile. I like them all... Can I say that?
Heres my favorite ball python!


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Well my avatar is my tegu, Kreacher. She's my favorite. I would love to have a really tame rhino iguana or a cuban rock or a grand cayman blue iguana.