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I think someone swapped my Tegu

Discussion in 'General Tegu Discussion' started by rosieuk, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. rosieuk

    rosieuk New Member

    Dec 28, 2014
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    I have a 4 and something year old male B & W called Priscus. He's just over 11lbs, free roaming around the flat and quite friendly but until recently *hated* being picked up.
    So I noticed a lump on the tip of one side of his tongue & took him to the vet who loves him to bits and we basically decide to leave it and see what happens (it just fell off about 48 hours later). We're talking and Priscus is wandering around the table - at which point he calmly climbs up me like a ladder and sits across my shoulders. He has never ever done this - the nearest he's done is hearing a plane or truck outside and curling around my feet. Hes never crawled onto me (apart from out of the bath) and he bit me so badly about a month ago I couldn't walk for two days!
    Since then he's climbed up on my lap, climbed up on the bed over my feet and lay down next to me with his head on my shoulder, he's noticeably happy to see me when I come home - but he does not do that if I've just been somewhere else in the flat. His appetite has almost doubled, he seems to like one food a day, so I feed him large bits of pork or salmon and 250g of pork in two pieces went down without touching the sides today.
    Does anyone have any idea what's going on? I thought at 4 years old he was past growth spurts but he put on over 1lb in 2 weeks - I've been literally chased for food (which is surprisingly intimidating) - full size halved chicken eggs, chomp - salmon steaks disappear down the black hole in 3 gulps. He was looking a bit skinny around the head, and his tail was a bit soft.. All the fat is back there with a nice defined backbone - but I just don't know why he's suddenly such a different animal. I hadn't changed anything when this all started.

    Sorry for the essay but I'm stumped..