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First time owner, just need some advice.


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Hi Everyone, I got my boy Nico about a month ago, it was said from my seller that he may be ending brumation around the time he was sold to me. Well... I ended up rehousing him into a 40g breeder due to his forever home size stressing him out, he is a little longer than a foot, 1.5”ish. In his 40g he just went ahead and barricaded himself in his hide after eating a fuzzy mouse. Do you think he is just getting used to his new home for now or still in a brumative state? I really just need to know how to proceed with him. Thanks everyone!


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A little hard to say. Tegus require 1-2 weeks generally to settle into their new homes. During that time, they hide alot. Fall-spring, they sleep to some extent and adds to the issue you're facing. By now, they should be getting up and moving. If he's not crowded, leave him in the 40 gal. for a few weeks, maintaining the gradient of temps. Offer some food wvery other day. Note how much because he might eat and hide before you see him.

Alec Bennett

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I was in the exact opposite place when I got my Red. As soon as he settled into his home, I began the process of allowing my tegu to familiarize himself with me, and vise versa. Things went well for a week until he didn't come out anymore...the little dude started brumating. That was in October, and he started coming out more often during the beginning of spring. Now he is back to normal, eating like a hog, and growing what feels like every day. Every tegu is different, so my advice is to just learn how you little dude reacts and observe his patterns. Mine is not as social as I would have hoped for, but it comes in handy when he's cool to just sleep on my lap for hours while I study or complete homework. If he is eating at least twice a week, and his eyes are not cloudy or watering, than he is healthy and probably just adjusting. You'll be able to tell if he is having a stress related issue vs an illness based off of this.