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Drop from shoulder :—/


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Ok I have a baby B&W that loooves to climb. These forums have been a godsend . Started with tub training, feeding in a Tupperware and never picking him up only letting him walk on me and the bonding accelerated 10x faster than when I was grabbing him and trying to force “love me!” Problem is - he’s a CLIMBER. I know it’s not their natural state but it’s all this guy wants to do. His favorite spot is on my head. I usually coddle too much and give him angles to work with getting up/down but I got too comfortable and he fell from my shoulder today. No visible injuries other than he was stunned and when I put him back in his enclosure he is now terrified of me two questions - 1) could there be unseen or underlying injuries. He’s only about 4 months old. 2) does anyone else have a consummate climber? Do they ever get less brazen/clumbsy. I imagine him doing this at 4 feet and a drop like that couldn’t definitely break a leg.


Internal stuff is always a potential.

I would avoid ever giving them the opportunity to fall, I've read too many people who thought it was a good idea to walk around with a Tegu on their head or shoulder and the Tegu jumps or falls and then died. Lots and lots of cases.
Ya my female blue loves being on my shoulder shes 3 and half feet though and I've never had her jump or fall off! If she wants off she will climb down my back and I help her but I always keep one hand on her tail in case.
Tegus will always love climbing on us if their used to us or friendly with us. It could be a major set back with your relationship if your tegu is ok! Just watch its behavior.


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Make sure she keeps eating the same as usual within a few days etc. She'll prob bounce back, especially if she's little. She'll get over the event too - they are smart animals. Let her have her space, but be present and careful. I'd be trying to observe her movement. You don't want her just hiding if she might be injured.


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Update. Monstro seems to have sustained no injuries. A week later and no changes to behavior or diet. He spent a couple days allowing me to earn back his trust. Now he’s back to all climb all the time status. I try to curb it but he gets super frustrated. I’ve decided to let him climb only when I’m seated and when I’m completely paying attention to him.


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