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Considering a Hybrid or Cuban rock iguana..

I have a couple questions..
Specifically ive been looking at David Blairs Grand cayman hybrid rock iguanas and i was wondering if anyones ever dealt with him and what their opinions are? and if anyone who owns one has any cons i should consider before getting that specific type of iguana? (other than that they need a huge cage)
I know a few ppl on here have some very large iggys and ive done alot of reading but i was hoping someone could actually give me an amount as far as how much they eat everyday. Ive read about what they eat but havent really seen any amounts and thats something that of course needs to be considered.
Id appreciate any input..


Tegu Buzz is the one to talk about this i believe his tag used to be Cyclura maniac or something like that lol. I would Pm him


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Tegu Buzz is the one to talk about this i believe his tag used to be Cyclura maniac or something like that lol. I would Pm him
Cyclura Sapien - thanks though.

I have two hybrids from David Blair and have never had any problems with him. He is a great guy, and breeder - and quite easy to talk to. They eat a lot, but the food is not expensive seeing as most people usually have what they eat on hand at all times. The food they eat, I also eat - so I don't notice the costs all that much. My hybrids are dog tame, all through work.

Buzz, my nearly 6 year old hybrid who you can see in my avatar, is one of David's and is pretty much a dog. My female, nearly 4, is just as tame. My rhino, purchased from Ty Park, isn't tame yet - but getting there. If you can provide the cage space (10x10ft minimum per adult male), I see no problem in getting one at all. I recommend you buy one of David's juveniles or hatchlings.

If you wish to see my iguanas, I have pics of them on this forum and many videos of them on YouTube. My channel name is TeguBuzz.
Thanks for the info! I will def check out your videos. Im still going to do more research but i think theres a good possibility ill get one this year or next..


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i havent gotten a price on Ty's yet. Davids are about $60 more. i have been looking at davis stock and they look amazing, same for ty.