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My large female went down in late September in 2010 and didn't get up til April. This year, she is still up and eating ALL MY FOOD!!! I didn't plan for her big appetite to stay up this long. Booooooo! Hehehehehe.
since the colder months are coming i have noticed my giant tegu(blizzard) has been sleeping more and eating less. on the other hand my normal(balder) has been as active as ever. this will be the first year i have had a tegu thats not a columbian that is nearing hibernation. im trying to determine if either one of them is going into brumation or hibernation. have any of my fellow members noted any signs of either one starting?
I'm going through the same thing I have a Blue Tegu that is slow down slow down on eating and sleeps for days at a time.


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