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Alsophis portoricensis

I just wanted to share a pic of my new racer :)


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Yes they are and the venom that they carry packs quite a punch. Its not enough to kill a human but It can land you in the hospital for a day or two. It mostly uses its venom to subdue mice, small birds and small lizards like anoles and house geckos. Oh and what I like about these little snakes Is when they get mad they have this hood just like a cobra. there just like a mini cobra. :)


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Most of the racers that I have known were fast (hence the common name), high-strung and not at all shy about giving you a nip. I would assume that the same applies to Alsophis sp..
Yeah. They're really fast but these racers would rather run than bite but they wont hesitate to strike if you mess with them to much.


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