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Recent content by Ruby

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    Water monitor?

    I know this is ancient but the DFW reptarium has a pair of bell phase laces that were “caught in the act” last time I picked up some feeders. They’ll definitely be expensive but the should have some available later this year.
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    Different Morph?!...

    I could be wrong since it possible that tegus can crossbreed but I used to trap tegus down in Florida and I worked with a “vendor” who would take the tegus we trapped and sell them to the pet trade. About half the tegus we caught had a orange or sometimes red bellies. The “vendor” would tell me...
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    Looking to adopt/buy a tegu in Texas

    I’ve heard mixed reviews on them. A dear friend has 6 great tegus (very jealous lol) from them but I’ve also seem some sick ones come in. The captive bred ones seem to Be okay but the wild caught/farm raised ones are hit or miss.
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    May have been asked already but difference between red b&w and blues?

    I have been looking into tegus and plan on adding one to my collection in the next few weeks, the only “issue” I’ve ran into isn’t deciding between Reds blues and b&ws. I am lucky enough to have two reptile shops within 30 minutes of me (Dfw reptarium and the serpentarium Texas) I have asked...
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    Looking to adopt/buy a tegu in Texas

    I have contacted him but breeding has not started yet this year. I’ve also checked underground reptiles since they seem to be pretty good but the only one they had in stock was $3500 and thats a little much haha.
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    yearling purple with enclosure

    Is she still available? I’m also in Texas
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    Looking to adopt/buy a tegu in Texas

    Hello, I’ve been in search for a sub adult-adult tegu in north Texas. I have been looking for over 6 months to make sure I am 100% ready for a tegu. I would prefer it come with an enclosure but it’s not a requirement. I have 6 years prior in reptile experience and can give more info wanted.