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bedroom enclosure

  1. merakjinsei

    6.5' x 4' Queen bed enclosure? Reasonable for male b/w?

    Hi, As i live in a high-density area and dont have a lot of floor space, am hoping to fit an enclosure under a queen size loft bed. The one I am looking at seems it would accomodate an enclosure thats about (could be a few inches over) 6.5 ft long by 4 ft wide (max 6.6'x 4.3'). Alternatively, if...
  2. BKing

    Enclosures - Free Roaming with Enclosure Essentials

    Hi everyone, So I've been reading up on enclosures and wanted to share some of the things I've discovered and open the conversation for questions and concerns I currently have. I read on a thread that because Birds are one of Tegus natural predators, any interaction from above will always...