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  1. Dana C

    Hello All !!!...

    It will be fine for a year or a little more. Contrary to some owners opinions, Tegu's don't use a lot of their enclosure to roam. They will change the area that they frequent based upon temperatures and moisture in the substrate. I had a 4x4x2 set up that my boy was fine in until he passed 30".
  2. Dana C

    U.S. Fish & Wild Life Categorical exclusion, (very long post)

    I believe so. I just got the notice today and acted on it. Hopefully others will take the initiative and write / comment at the site they recommend which is the U.S. Fish and Wild Life Comment link.
  3. Dana C

    LOOKING FOR LARGE 5 ft or more big tame black throat monitor

    I have only seen one in recent ads and that was on Fauna. The size was around 24" and was for a very young monitor. I would suggest you go for a smaller specimen as it will be five feet before you know it. Also, unless you already know it, shipping for a monitor that size will be well over $300.
  4. Dana C

    Most rewarding monitor to keep as a pet?

    No, not even close. Monitors can be aggressive. My Black Throat isn't but with their size, you should not take anything for granted. Mine seems to like contact when it is in his time and on his terms. In terms of rewarding, I would have to go with Black Throat and or Sumatran Water Monitor...
  5. Dana C

    U.S. Fish & Wild Life Categorical exclusion, (very long post)

    The F&W people are attempting to steam roll this into effect. It is not just about pythons but could include all exotics. I will allow them to add ANY exotic, including reptiles to the "ban" list without due process. The information can be found at usherp.org. If you value your reptiles and want...
  6. Dana C

    Can Someone Please Help! My Monitor Escaped His Cage!

    You are giving your monitor far more credit for deductive reasoning than it is capable of. Anyway, it doesn't matter how it got out the issue is finding it. You will have to turn over every piece of furniture you own and look not just under but in it. In other words you will have to pretty...
  7. Dana C

    Black Throat Monitor experience/housing.

    I have to say that having a substrate of three feet isn't necessary. They don't all burrow. Many BT' are kept very successfully in less. My substrate, a combination of clean dirt and peat, (to hold moisture) was 12"- 20". The size of your enclosure is great. As for diet, mine thrived on a...
  8. Dana C

    Dexter killed a kitten

    While the picture show Captn' Jack on my head I stopped it but it wasn't easy. I ended up putting a towel over my head and neck when we had our 1 on 1 time.
  9. Dana C

    Shedding trouble

    Some times the answer to shedding problems can be tough to address. If you live in a dry climate like I do, Idaho, it is very difficult to keep humidity at optimal levels. Also, I have found that a Tegu that sheds great for a few months will all of a sudden have a really hard time shedding. As...
  10. Dana C

    I am back.

    Hello everyone. I am back and yes rumors of my demise were greatly exaggerated. ( I really had a hard time however and thought that might happen.) Josh, if you see this, I meant to reply but lost your personal email. I most humbly apologize. Yes, I think that there are enough Monitor people...
  11. Dana C

    Found on Bay Area Craigslist if anyone local interested!

    Just a little point. There are B &Ws and there is no scientific different distinction allowing for the region which they hailed from and are not genetically different. The "chacoan" thing was a distinction for selling more Tegu's at higher dollar amounts.
  12. Dana C

    Cooked Meat !

    Thanks Dubya and yes I was speaking to human consumption of meats.
  13. Dana C

    Black throat monitor for sale

    i have a couple of Christmas Mountain Bull Snakes. They are a breeding pair, (I hope). They are easy keepers so I don't have any plans of re-homing them. The lizards and my very weak heart were just too much. I went downhill and had to simplify my life. Anyway, the bull snakes are...
  14. Dana C

    Cooked Meat !

    I always fed raw meats and would again. Did I wash my hands?, yes. Did I wash and disinfect cutting boards? Yes. Have I ever had a food born illness? Yes. Now, for all of you who live in fear of salmonella, e-coli, spoiled meat, mayo left out all night and so on, a couple of things you...
  15. Dana C

    Black throat monitor for sale

    I sold Kinabo for $350 and shipping from Idaho to just about anywhere in the U.S. is about $200. I could have held out for more but I really needed to sell him for health reasons. He was 4'10"' and 23# of nice guy.