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  1. bocacash

    Hatchling tremors

    Very good discussion...on a fairly complicated topic ! I have found (and try to implement) the commonalities in multiple/varied articles and opinions regarding most topics regarding Tegus. The common threads seem to have more value than the unique ones...for steady 'best practices' and good health.
  2. bocacash

    Quail eggs

    I feed them whole to my Jessie...he picks them up and kinda' mouths them, slowly crushing them with his head tilted up...everything runs down his throat and then he swallows the shell. I give him 3-4 at a time...I like the fact that the whole eggshell gets eaten for the calcium...doesn't happen...
  3. bocacash

    Chameleon cage as a temporary cage for baby tegu?

    If it is an all screen enclosure...your tegu will rip thru it like a buzz saw...not really even on purpose...just their claws are very sharp and they will scratch thru it. One of mine sliced thru a porch screen like a knife...he got caught between the plexi slider and the screen and was just...
  4. bocacash

    Tegu face wound injury

    Sorry for your gu injury...you've had some good advice here...they are tough, he will heal ! I'd like to comment on the "outdoors" that was brought up. Tegus are smart, fast, carnivorous (somewhat omnivorous), predators...have been for thousands of years. They may be a captive bred quiet...
  5. bocacash

    Darrow's adult enclosure! [custom build]

    Very beautiful...and inspirational ! My Jessie just might have new habitat...soon. Nice that you USED the COVID-19 confinement to do this !! KUDOS !
  6. bocacash

    Is hemp a viable option as a substrat

    Actually, there ARE many hemp products available now in the US...and more on the way as the laws change ! Hemp was once a valuable cash crop in the USA...ropes, halyards, sails...'cause of the qualities that Anuke stated. George Washington, and many others, grew it on their plantations and...
  7. bocacash

    Hyperactive/persistent tegu?

    Sounds like a HAPPY boy too me ! And smart, generally Tegu's are considered the most inquisitive and intelligent of lizards. You'll find he will learn lot's of things...IF he want's to !
  8. bocacash

    My one year old stopped using back legs

    So sorry to hear your story! I would say that the close association with her escape/your recapture and the paralysis is to great a coincidence to ignore. Something did happen during that time...it happened very quickly. I would doubt it is caused by any diet/light deficiency...that would take...
  9. bocacash

    black flame tegu

    What AlphaAlpha said ! It, probably, is a regular (been done before) cross that a seller made up a cool sounding name for so they can charge big bucks ! If it has been crossed badly...which is a STRONG possibility with this type of breeder...the Tegu might have serious physical, internal, even...
  10. bocacash

    What kind of sand to mix with top soil.

    They are Darkling Beetles...grown up super worms ! Here's more info than you ever wanted ! hubpages.com/animals/Raising-Superworms-Morphing-Worms-to-Beetles
  11. bocacash


    GREAT ! I love HAPPY endings ! The question on my mind, maybe others, is: how did she get outside to the A/C in the first place ? :)
  12. bocacash

    Fogger Question

    You are certainly asking all the right questions...and doing the right thing...research FIRST ! I've leaned some things myself thru the comments...THANX !
  13. bocacash

    Considering a Tegu... what to look for (rehoming)

    He looks fantastic...good size, fat tail & thighs, big jowls...and, it looks like he likes to/is used to getting petted ! BIG plus if he is cool with people ! Watch for the things others said here...and, if he were mine, I'd get his nails blunted. They pull and dig to move around and his look...