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  1. Allie22

    Major Bite

    I feed thawed Rats, chicks, and quail to my tegu as well as other foods he has never lunged at me. He loves being hand fed berries with no tongs and knows the difference between my hand and the food. What I will say is anytime you take a lizard outside everything looks a bit different to them...
  2. Allie22

    Lighting and heating an adult tegu enclosure

    I have had mine for over a year and my red has done great with heat and humidity. I dont use ceramic not to say you can't as long as it does not stay on consistently and I dont use a misting system. I have a water spot where he can lay in comfortable and grip to avoid risk of drowning and I...
  3. Allie22

    Grow Tents and Tegu Attention

    Grow tents work great as long as you interact with your Tegu daily and give them time to roam and be with you they work very well. I have two grow tents that house My Male Tegu and another one that houses a baby. The baby is a bit flighty due to where I got it was very under weight so every once...
  4. Allie22

    Is my guy too fat???

    My boy eats whole prey. I buy it frozen and thaw for him he eats baby chicks, quail, rats, and I do ground turkey veggies and fruit. With that being said My boys have 3 fancy rats that climb all over them and he has never tried to bite anyone since I got him. If he is handled alot they know the...