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Weird scale patches, please help!


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Hi everyone...

So I have an otherwise healthy and extremely active tegu. He eats like a pig and seems healthy, but a few weeks back he developed these weird patches on his back. They don't seem to be spreading, but they won't go away either...

He's been to two different reptile vets, and been treated with two antibiotics, and I clean his skin daily with a clorhexadine wash and apply flamazine to the patches. They've done cell and bacterial analysis but they say they seem normal... Does anyone recognize this sort of patching?

His humidity is constantly 70% and he had a warm and cold spot with hiding spaces. I've also cleaned his cage top to bottom and disinfected it. Not sure what else to do and I'm starting to get worried. I had hoped he'd lose some of it with a shed but it's still there.

Any advice or help would be really appreciated :(.



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Really? I considered it too but his lamp is decently far from him and it's never caused him issue before. Perhaps I'll take away his basking platform so there's more space...

My older male, Oscar, picked that up mas well.