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Weird black blister getting bigger on tegus rear end.


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Any ideas of what this is? Seems to be growing larger, pusses sometimes when I dab down on it with a q-tip gently squeezing it...I use a 75 watt bulb 12” above her basking spot, tub is a steady 82-85 degrees and closer to a 100 in the basking spot, humidity kept 65-85% misted multiple times daily, using repti bark for substrate, and she eats a mixed diet of crickets/raw chicken/egg whites/yolk for a treat(wont eat fruits/veggies yet tried) and I do give her weekly dustings of repti calcium w/d3. Has anyone had a similar black type blister just randomly pop up and keep getting bigger like this one? Not sure if I should try putting some neosporn or other antibiotic cream on it, did start giving her baths every other day and she seems to enjoy them and will just chill in there but other then that any other ideas are appreciated.

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Possibly could be scale rot?