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Tongki my new pet lizard


Dear Friends,
I want to discuss about my new pet lizard tongki. I don't know the sex yet and temporary I assume it is a female.
Tongki is a very gentle and tame lizard since I got her. I've been keeping her for about 1 month. She is growing well and active, also healthy. But lately she is not interested with crickets anymore, which is her staple food from the seller. She also doesn't really like pinkies, she will never eat it alive, and I need to mix it with egg yolk. Her favourite meal is chicken fillet. red meat, fish fillet, and goldfish. I add calsium into them.

I am worry about this feeding habit, is it any personal behavior or favourite meal for lizard? Because I read lizard need the variation of food to be healthy.

I appreciate any suggestion, thank you very much



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I don't have much experience with monitors. I just wanted to say that was a gorgeous lizard!


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At that size it is important to give variety but consumption and keeping food in is even more important. Give her what she wants but still provide other things. Soon enough she will hopefully get back to eating different foods but it is natural to get picky


Crickets aren't that nutritious so if thats the only thing she won't eat not to worry ... Try gut loaded super worms too ... Sweet looking Nile you got there good luck with her.