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Tiny ants getting in food. Help!


I've never seen these before but now I'm getting real tiny ants, smaller than sugar ants, getting into my tegu's food dish when I feed him. I keep his enclosure in my shop and never really had a problem with bugs. I have his enclosure sitting on top of those 1" thick rubber workout mats. I don't see a trail on the outside of the enclosure. Not sure how they could be getting in. I'm suppose to be getting an Animal Plastics T100 coming in about 2-3 weeks, so not really wanting to clean everything out right now. Was thinking of putting his food bowl inside a water bowl to keep them out for now. Any suggestions? Will these bother him? They only show up when I feed him. Don't see them any other time.
Thanks for any advice!


So nevermind, the bowl inside the bowl of water is working. They are slowly diminishing since they can't get to his food anymore.


You shouldn't be feeding your tegu in cage or leaving food longer than hour imo
Well he has a tendency to eat early and then go back and eat later in the afternoon . And I don't understand why I shouldn't feed him in his enclosure. He knows where his bowl is put on the days that I feed him. He goes over and eats and then goes and basks for a while. Is there a specific reason why I shouldn't feed him in his enclosure? Bad for him?


New Member
I've always fed Alpha in his enclosure...........Never had any problems

1 hour ?????? load of rubbish.

Totally agree. Go look at the Tegus in the wild that dont eat anything thats an hour old ;)

So you're gonna find a bunch of people on both sides of the coin of feeding in and out of the enclosure for various reasons across the bored. Everyone thinks their way is the best way to do it.

I personally like to feed my Tegu in the bathtub because he likes to make a mess... and I just really am not thrilled with him eating dirt as he tries to clean up his mess. Ive had 'experts' telling me that Im doing a disservice to my Tegu because the house might be too cold as opposed to his warmer tank and then he will be stressed. *eyeroll*
Eating In enclosures can cause agression issues, pest problems and ect! Plus you could just feed him his little bit in morning and rest later or feed less but more often