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VA farmer

New Member
I’m been having an issue getting my B&W tegus to breed. The male is about 4yrs old and female about 2 yrs old. They both hibernated over the winter but, don’t seem interested in each other. The female hibernated on her own but, this was the males first time going through hibernation.

They get along fine and eat together. The female was added to his cage last year. Cage is plenty big enough for the 2 and they roam around on the back deck during the summer.

Any input would be greatly appreciated


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i thought i had read that females were not sexually mature until around 3 .... i could be wrong though as mating has never being my interest .


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Has the male breed before. Did you allow him to hibernate the first two years of his life. The brumation period in early life is needed to have healthy fertile males. I’ve heard multiple cases where they skipped the first year to have them grow faster. This rapid growth caused multiple fertility issues with the males later on. Could be a lot of things but like alpha said that sounds pretty young for the female. What’s her weight and size like, does she have enough space to build a nest. Are your temps and humidity perfect. Reptile breeding is more complicated than A meet B now
Bang and let the baby making begin.


Beyond the female being quite young, not every pair will mate. If you brumated them together and they didn’t mate after waking, you should separate them until the next breeding season. Get them both up in weight then brumate them together again. If still no luck, they may just not be a compatible pair.

VA farmer

New Member
I separated them for now. Guess I’ll try again next year. I wasn’t aware that the females had to be 3 yrs old. Plus this being the males first time going thru hibernation. Also, no he has not breed before. Starting to think this isn’t going to work out!!

Thanks for all the input guys.