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Tegu with eating


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So a month or two ago, I took my B&W Argentine tegu into the vet because he wasn’t eating very well. He was eating plenty of crickets, grapes, eggs and turkey then all of a sudden he seemed to hit a wall and refused to eat anything I attempted to feed him. He went about a week or two eating small amounts of food and sleeping all the time (still does). So I took him to the vet and they said he was healthy and very energetic! So they gave me a appetite boosters and carnivore care food so maybe we could do a stool sample. It didn’t work. I didn’t find ANY stool in his enclosure and gave him multiple warm baths. Nothing worked. So we started noticing wheezing, then gave him shots over the course of two weeks to see if it was respiratory issue. No luck. I’ve been battling this issue and have poured out hundreds in vet bills. Right now I have to syringe feed him every day which takes forever due to his stubborn nature. I’m on the brink of throwing in the towel even though I absolutely can not. I just need some advice on what I should do. Thank you for your time! :(



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Hi there. Did you make changes to his enclosure. Sometimes that pisses them off. Did his temps change at all, especially his basking temp. Have you tried egg. Alot of them go crazy for it. I would need more information about your set up and temps to try and help more.
Sounds like he could be impacted which I would stop force feeding immediately if so. I had a tegu get impacted/backed up which led to prolapse over few days. Which I had to use lube no spermicide to gently put back in. And gave warm baths with sugar mixed in it. And then helped very light pressure from stomach down to rear area to help move the poop down until it pooped. Also have tried like natural probiotic stuff like that powder one food for awhile after and injecting tiny amount with water down throat


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How old is your Tegu? My adult sleeps a lot. Not brumating, just happy with his hide, and not interested in human interaction unless he's hungry. Does he have a lot of water? Is his tongue a healthy pink?


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Just my opinion but it sounds like you're panicking too much and creating a bad situation...... these are hardy animals don't need wrapping up in cotton wool.

I'd personally play about with husbandry, try to give a gradient basking spot, lower or higher the humidity a little....... More often than not a fussy tegu is a unhappy tegu.

Pay attention to if he likes basking in hot/cooler where he hangs in his viv most, if its the cool end drop main temp to accommodate.
When hes out is he happy to go back to his home????
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