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Tegu or chameleon??


Active Member
Hey guys, I have been researching tegus and saving up for a while now and I am planning to get one of Ty park's chacoans in June, and I just came across the Jackson chameleon and I am thinking about breeding..... I have been trying to breed some Russian tortoises with no success so far, and the Jackson chameleon gives birth to live babies. I currently have three torts, and a baby Uromastyx. I used to have a Mali Uromastyx but he passed away because my dad decided to unplug his heat lamp and he got too cold. That was about two or three years ago. I also had a baby sulcata tort but he died last year due to severe dehydration caused from impaction. Anyways, would it be better for me to get a tegu or two chameleons?? I have the ability to provide proper house for both and I have the room. Just wondering what would be a better choice. Feel free to ask any questions about my life and such