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Tegu not eating enough?


I’ve seen that people say tegus will continue to eat if u feed em well my tegu does not . Matter of fact when I feed her I with thaw out two hoppers and prepared groundturkey ball the size of a half ball, and I’ll offer fruit on the side . She will eat either 1 mice and some bites of the ground turkey or just the two mice and no ground turkey and she never really like to eat her fruit or veggies so I mix it with the turkey sometimes , any advice ? Oh and I’ve posted a pic of her on my page if u look u can see she’s not skinny she is pretty thick


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Hi Mikeiam!

I actually have always has a similar issue with Tegs, so his diet ends up being more meat based than it should be. He's also rather thick. My solutions have been to mix the food into a meatball, though then he will often refuse the meat ball, pile it all together in a salad style dish, or (what i have never tried but think is the best solution) you could inject a pulp mixture of the fruits and veggies into the hoppers.
I feed reptilinks since they have organic vegetables mixed in and they are easy to feed and complete nutrition, none of my lizards will eat vegetables my beardy will sometimes eat blueberries and my blue tongue likes papaya and my tegu only meat so I also put micro greens on top of there food and for my dragon I put his horn worms on top of the micro greens and they hold onto the greens so he has to eat them with the worms and they are more nutritious then regular greens

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I never had a tegu or feeding problems but and idea is to put all of it in a bowl and put the meat on the bottom (and mixing fruits and veggies into the meat) then they would either have to pick out the fruits and veggies or eat until they get to the meat let e know if this works!