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Savannah monitor hatchling advice please


New Member
So my girl brought a new addition to our reptile family earlier this week as a surprise, and it's a baby Savannah monitor about 3-4 inches long.

We already have 2 bearded dragons, a frilled dragon, 3 rat snakes and a Columbian boa so during the day our room temperature is between 80' and 90' so along with the red halogen bulb I put on his tank that stays on all the time the temperature for him is allright both day and night.

Currently with what I have available the little guys on a small tank (temporarily) with a food and water dish, loose Moss for digging and a single hiding hole (again, only temporary until I get a ton of coconut shell for him)

He is slightly aggressive and runs quite often if startled, I'm attempting to get him used to me the same way I did with the frilled, just constant handling until they appear to stressed then they can walk off my hand on their own into their enclosure and I either directly give them food or they see me put food in their bowl.
After a fair amount of research I'm noticing this one may be more difficult than the frilled even, so does anyone have any advice for me? View attachment 10635 View attachment 10636 View attachment 10637