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Sanannah monitor Breeding


New Member
5 Year Member
ok so i"ve been giving it some thought although i dnt have any savanahs to try this with but im looking for some opioions and feed back on this now a couple questions:

1. if i buy to baby sav (1male 1 female) at the same time will they get along together in the same enclosure?

2. at what age can they Breed at

3. what time of the season would they breed

4. how big of an eclosure would have to make for two full grown Savs

5.And how does the Inkubatting (spell check haha) work and at what temps should the eggs be at

and if u can send me some articles from online or kno a person who knows alot about this that would be awsome too Thanx


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5 Year Member
1. you cant sex baby savs your best bet is to start with a group of babies an an when they get about 2ft they should be easy to sex by that age an one thing you got to keep in mind is not all savs get along with each other. 2. they are able to breed at 2.4 ft an up 3.im not to sure 4. i wood say a 8x8x6 wood be good 5. from askin poeple who bred them at about 85