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Rescued northwestern carpet python


Hey guys, I'm rescuing what I believe is an adult
northwestern carpet python and he's definitely had some bad sheds in the past, so much so that his mouth pores have dead skin and dirt stuck inside and around. Any tips on how to ease this guy into his big new enclosure? Also any tips on ensuring he doesn't bring any mites with him into the new closure? (Other than a soak before he goes in the cage) .he will be going into the vet within the next week or so for a full check up so I'll keep posted!




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A vegetable oil rub will kill mites and help with skin and shed. Maybe temporarily house him in a tank with newspaper, a water bowl, and a hide filled with moistened sphagnum moss.

After vet check and sure he's mite-free, clean out the hide box, replace with new sphagnum moss and place snake and box in new digs.