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Poseible solution to the dreaded 55 gallon tank issue.

Discussion in 'General Tegu Discussion' started by Gray herp, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Gray herp

    Gray herp New Member

    Oct 27, 2018
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    This morning my bearded dragon started nose rubbing wanting to be let out. The poor sucker has trouble turning around in the cage i adopted him in (he was given away by someone inable to care for him anymore) because it's only a foot wide. Without the accesories he's okay but its still cramped and less accessories means less stuff for him to do.

    I realise now that 55 gallon tanks are just the absolute worst. They are plenty enought wide but but far too thin for most reptiles but i already slapped down 50 bucks on a different 55 gallon and a 1 foot wife 30 gallon.

    What, a waste! Or is it?

    I had to sit down and have a think on how to build a larger enclosure possibly using the parts from the tanks i already have and came up with an idea that may put them to good use.

    I figured i could take apart the tank and use the floor pannel and front panel (save the rest of the pannels for other tanks) then build a 30 inch wide four foot long enclosure.

    I could do this by using the floor and front pannel so that the floor pannel stood up straight at the front and the front pannel slanted, the rest of the cage being made of wood. (Immagine how a car window looks. You know how its slanted and stuff? Yeah like that.) The front slanted pannel could lift up vertically with hinges making the enclosure technically now a front open which makes cage cleaning and getting your lizard way easier.

    This is just an idea right now. I'll have to build it and 0nce i do i can tell you if it wad easy or not and how pricy it was because doing this may be cheaper than buying a tank of the same dimensions.

    Imma get to sketching and price supplies at lowes today and hopefully i can give an update on my hopefully money and life saving build.

    (Editing this i realized you could use the two extra four foot pannels left to make an even larger enclosure that maybe even a tegu could do well in so long as you made it around 8 foot long. If this works i'll save them for a project like that when i can afford to house one.)