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My First Tegu And Is She Brumating Or Just Hiding? Also Feeding Questions.

Discussion in 'General Tegu Discussion' started by Boidae, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. Boidae

    Boidae New Member

    Dec 3, 2018
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    Over the weekend I purchased a 3 month old Pink Panther Tegu. She is stunning to look at and is 50% het albino and possibly 50% het anery. Her father was 3/4 blue and 1/4 red and 100% het albino and her mom was a pure red high white and is the possible het anery. The breeder will prove out the mom this year. At this point in time she is 16 1/4 inches total length. She is such a sweetheart too!

    I have her in a 36 inch by 18 by 18 front opening enclosure until I can get a more suitable cage for her built. I have a 80 solar glo light over her basking area and the temps are at 121 as measured by a temp probe at the surface which is a half a log. Around 80ish on the cold side and gets down to 74 at night as that is what the room temp is. Her substrate is straight eco earth. The humidity during the day sits between 70 and 80%.

    The first thing she did when we got her home and into the enclosure was burrow and that is where she stayed yesterday, until I asked my girlfriend to root around for her and make sure she's okay. We got her on Saturday. My girlfriend said when she pulled her out she was bright eyed and smelling with her tongue like usual. She put her back in the enclosure and within 20 minutes had gone back to her burrow. Today I pulled her out to check on her and she is bright eyed and active when being held.

    How do I tell the difference between being a new tegu to the household and a brumating tegu or will time only be able to tell that when she settles in? I asked the breeder if she had been brumating, and he said yes because he keeps his outside and when the first cold weather started here a couple weeks ago they all dug in and went to sleep.

    In regards to feeding... the breeder doesn't feed any live items at all. He makes a meatball type concoction of ground turkey, ground chicken, fish and a couple of other things with eggs thrown in about twice a week. I will double check on the exact ingredients later. After doing some research online there are others that do almost the same mixture. They too do not feed live except for the occasional pinky. Others do live as well.

    Is it preference on live food? I have seen the parents of my tegu and they are happy and healthy.

    I guess I cannot post a thread and not post some pictures. So here are a few I took the other day.

    IMG_20181203_141847.jpg IMG_20181203_141904.jpg IMG_20181203_141931.jpg

    Thank you for looking at my thread and for any responses that come my way.

    Edit: I went out and bought a IR temp gun and the basking area is about 110 to 112 degrees. I tried a 125 watt MVB and it pushed the basking temp up over 135 to 140 degrees. So, that was no good.
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