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Meet Rockie


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Almost 21 inches at 4 months old he is in a old 90gal aquarium as we wait for his t100 to arrive. Super active and friendly but getting more and more grumpy might be getting close to guberty although I though he was to young as he hatched in July. He has prob grown 12 inches in 2 months its crazy. He eats ground turkey with beef liver collard greens mustard greens chicken hearts blueberries blackberries carrots ran through a meat grinder and made into sausage links that we freeze. Also gets frozen fuzzy mice once a week. I was told that he was a male but I am still not 100% on that. He was purchased from tropicalreptiles


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Too early to tell for the gender - but wow, what a beautiful animal!! I think he could very well be a male with the size he's already put on. That's a good size for a 4 month old. You never know!! My female grew at half the rate of my beastly male. They grow quickly though.