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MBD or something else?


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Kiwi description: there should be a picture
Presumed male b&w
Diet consists of dubia roaches, hornworms, ground Turkey( his preference over anything) and any fruits or veggies I can get into his Turkey balls. Occasional ground chicken. Calcium powder every other feeding with d3. Just recently introduced fuzzies. (Going to attempt to get him to eat duck gizzards and fish but he is proving to be a picky eater.)

Got kiwi in September at a reptile expo, perfectly healthy. In a 65 gallon tank, with various basking spots ranging from 112-95. Coolest end is 75. (I use the method of multitude of low wattage bulbs + 1 high watt UVB)
He recently (about a month and half ago) went into a brumatipn phase and lost a little weight which is why I decided to introduce fuzzies for more fat content any time he comes out and is accepting food. But as well as that (this all started a week ago) hes developed a kind of shake? This is no visual or physical deformities, at least none that I can feel. But the strangest thing is that he only shakes when I approach him or am around watching him. He'll crawl around his in closure very slowly but it still very alert and if I made a loud noise to spook him he would quickly run away. Previously I was giving him a bath and left a ramp for him to climb out he was shaking the entire time, like badly. Almost struggling to get up, but in his tank hes fine. Any thoughts? It doesn't sound that much like MBD but MBD is always a concern no matter what the reptile.
Before brumation my bonding with Kiwi was decent, he understands I wont hurt him but he doesnt absolutely love my presence. He does puff up if I reach to grab him from above, if I go from underneath(which I usually do) hes usually okay. Never been bitten.
Kiwis adult cage is currently almost finished being built.



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When are you able to see that he is not shaking?

Whenever I left him free roam a small space or if I view him from a slight distance from his enclosure. And when I feed him with tongs there is no shaking. I've done more research and a lot of people call it like tegu tremors?


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Doesn't sound like MBD. Still, not a bad idea to have a new lizard check-up.