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Male or female?


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Mars is 18 inches or so now, and an estimated 6-8 months, and I was wondering if any more experienced eyes could see details about the gender better than I can. They may be a bit too young still, it’s quite a challenge to get a non-blurry photo since they don’t like staying still lol.


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I’d say female too, I don’t see the dots, let’s get a better pic of that butt to see for sure lol


if you feel with your finger you can feel the bump, if you don't feel a bump, he is either too young or its a female. I was able to tell Felix was a male at 6 months of age


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My apologies. Should've been more particular. When you can, photograph directly at vent with tegus head facing up, not down. I'm looking for scalation around edge of cloaca. No hurries.