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Looking for Lighting suggestions.


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My wife and I just got out b&w tegu and I am trying to build a good enclosure. Our tegu is supposedly around 1.5 yrs old and is right at 36”. I have built an enclosure that is 8’x30”wide x2’tall. I am looking for suggestions on light fixtures and bulbs to give our tegu the full gradient that it needs.


Don't buy fixtures at the pet store - hit Home Depot or Lowes - I get those clip on shop lights they keep near the extension cords as the only difference between them and the ones the pet stores sell is about twenty bucks each.

Same for the heat lights - you can buy a box of a dozen 60 watt spot light bulbs - the heavy, outdoor ones - for the cost of one or two from the pet shop.

No choice but to pay an arm and a leg for the special bulbs at the pet stores - make sure they at least offer some sort of 30 day warrantee as those bulbs will sometimes burn out for no reason after a few days.

Spend some real money on a good surge protecting power strip and make sure it's rated to handle the load as those lights tend to suck juice. You want a power strip not just to save you the trouble of turning off all of the lights separately but also, if you get periodic blackouts, the resulting surge from losing and especially, regaining power can blow out the UV and other expensive bulbs, something the wife and I found out the expensive way first time it happened.

Hope I replied in time to save you a few bucks.

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