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Zoo med 160 watt solar glo or 100watt for baby argentine b&w and are those enough uv or do I need more


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Always love old thread revivals.

Here are my 2 cents. Buy the brand that is cheapest with good reviews. Most of them are made by the same Chinese company anyways. The quality difference is just how well they shipped. Bulbs that had a rough shipment to you or to the store, don't last as long.

However, here is my 3 cents on Mercury Vapor bulbs. They are friggin incredible... as long as you don't reach into the cage and you have glass as your windows into the cage. Why? Because Mercury Vapor bulbs will damage your skin. They will give burns just like the sun will. Literally in about 25min of petting your reptile, you will have sunburn. And, most importantly, the radiation they emit is literally the exact frequency that is known to cause skin cancer. Thankfully glass blocks that from leaking out of the cage/tank.

But if you are sticking parts of you into the tank or you have a screen enclosure, go back to T8 or T5 UVB fixtures. The UV emitting by those is much more safe for you.... But, again, if you have a glass enclosure and your pet is ornamental, absolutely go mercury vapor. They are so much easier.
I use solar glow and doesn't nearly give off enough heat imo I have 125 watt for baby tegus but I also use a under tank heater plus a portable heater pointed at hot side to keep it 96-100 on hot side not under light and 80-85 on cool side but that because it has got hot in Arizona yet
And my house and garage which is separate from house and has a building with room is solid concrete walls . So without portable heater that room stay cool with heater stays perfect