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July Photo of the Month Contest!


First off I just want to thank Josh for giving me a chance to run this thing.

Alright members its time to get the photo of the month contest going again. Its going to be the same rules as the May contest. Send ONE photo of your own Tegu (.png .jpg .jpeg .bmp .gif .psd .pdf formats) to [email protected]. The photo must be your own with no special effects. Entries will be accepted until 7/21/13. The winning photo will be displayed on the main page for a month. Good luck everyone!


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Nice work! Let's see those photos!

edit: Oh! And the winner will be chosen by popular vote! May the BEST photo win!!


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Will more than one person be managing the entries? Last time I entered mine, got confirmation that it was received but then it disappeared and Tyler said he never saw it... was kinda bummed!


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I can help manage it, but with the job switch I'm pretty busy,

Also there was a lot of work last time with resizing and getin the proper format luckily I had access to photo shop to speed it up