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I Want To Adopt A Tegu... Need Advice!!!

Hello all, I am 15 years old and currently have 1 reptile: a clown agama. I've had my clown agama for 4 years now and I am looking to expand my reptile "collection". I saw a columbian tegu at a reptile expo this winter and I fell in love with it (I did not buy it on the spot because I wasn't ready to suddenly adopt such an animal). I have done lots and lots of research and I continue to do some every night about this animal and its needs. I am planning on making a 6' wide, 3' deep and 2' high enclosure. I am predicting to feed him a big variety of meats and fruits but mostly cat food and frozen mice (obviously the proper size). Does anybody have any tips/recommendations? Anything will help thank you!


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Wise not to pounce. Check out rhe many threads here as many members keep teguixin. Fruits and frozen mice should do it. Some organ meat and high quality dog food.


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Good to see you didn't dive straight in like most would do...... I have a colombian gold around 16 month old I think so if you need to ask please feel free:D