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How many bugs to feed to a baby bearded dragon

Hello, I'm just trying to figure out how many bugs to feed to Velcro. Yesterday, I had to put my rescue girl down. Health issues we couldn't cure now matter how hard we tried. I never got her as a baby though. So I'm worrying about somehow going to **** up with the guy. I'll take a picture once I wake him up for the day. He's small. I know the baby should at least be feed three times daily. Mostly bugs.


New Member
It can vary & you will quickly learn about his appetite. I try to offer each of my babies at least 10 little bugs per feeding.
Leaving a deli cup with a hole cut out of the top as a feeding cup with bugs in it will assure he's getting enough if you're worried.


Well-Known Member
Have two beardies one going on 10 years old and our new leather back red. She gets as many superworms as she’ll eat twice a day can’t really over feed a growing baby. She also gets blue berries, carrots, mango, collar greens, banana some times, so on and so on.

Just make sure the heat and UVB are spot on they are pretty hearty reptiles.