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Discussion in 'Introductions and Welcomes' started by grapebasil, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. grapebasil

    grapebasil Member

    Jun 19, 2018
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    Hi! I am actually not the tegu’s primary owner but since I’m the one who found him, and the one who likes to putter around on the internet, I get to present him.

    We got Søren from a guy in deSoto - not sure where he came from before that. We got a bit of a discount because something had happened to his tail, poor guy, but the tail is healed up well and is slowly growing back! He’s about 5 months; previous owner said he was born in February and is still pretty skittish. We’re working on remodeling his current fish tank enclosure to be more suitable and accessible. Currently he has more burrowing space than necessary and a little t-shirt hammock that he hasn’t decided he likes yet. He likes his bathing pool - it is his favorite place to poop. Depending on rate of growth (his current enclosure is a 65 gallon tank, which we are going to flip on it’s side to utilize the height space as width), my handy husband will be building him a permanent giant enclosure - probably next spring.

    Søren likes to be buried always, and huffs and puffs like the big bad wolf. His favorite spot is on top of my husband’s head or jammed up in the windowsill. He gets very angry at the floor vents, and regularly huffs at them while roaming around.

    Søren loves pinky rats and mealworms; the crickets tend to hide under his bathing pool and this makes him cranky. He does not like fruit and vegetables are an affront to his dignity.

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  2. Walter1

    Walter1 Moderator Staff Member 1,000+ Post Club

    Nov 20, 2014
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    Welcome and props for good care.
  3. Gary

    Gary Member

    Oct 9, 2017
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    I think he looks cute without the tail! Welcome