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New Member
Send an email which you can forward to the Governor’s office asking him to VETO the bill.

All this will do is hurt fl, my tegu is our family’s most beloved pet and a member of our family I would hate to see a day when you take away someone’s right and chance to ever experience having such an awesome pet!




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OK! Thanks for explaining the situation. I hope it will bring lots of attention. Clearly, there's no need for them to go this far.


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I sent the email on, and added this bit from me personally....

"Please consider the people that own, and/or are employed in this field. This is an essential shut down for them that is completely unnecessary. They are willing to work with the Florida Wildlife Commission in any way possible to accomplish the desired outcome of bringing back the balance of the ecosystem that has been effected by Tegus and Iguanas."

I'm hoping for the best for you and your efforts.