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Help/advice vision issues for my tegus? !

So I am beginning to think one of my tegus might have vision issues! Has anyone had any issues with this? If so, was it congenital or aquire from something? I have 2 in the same environmental conditions so I don't think it could possibly be diet/habitat related but maybe viral if aquired?
I've had them since the beginning of June rescued from the everglades less than 2 years old right now.
The one I'm worried about is VERY difficult to bond with and shy. He is not food motivaton or confident enough to come at food if I swing it around to see if he reacts. Any other way to test it? He always tries to hide when I'm around and i can hold him occasionally but he doesn't enjoy it lol.
He is an argentine black and white but who knows if some other type is mixed in out there in the wild. I can't seem to find much research on it either except with some albinos obviously.

He is so skittish it worries me that he doesn't respond with me moving my hand quickly in the air. If any loud noise or physical contact, he always runs away.
I am going to be taking him to away vet soon but it's not going to be easy for anyone he will try to bite, so I just wanted to see if anyone had any other knowledge or suggestions.
I don't care if he is, as long as nothing causing it is harmful.


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I think you've probably just got 2 Gu's with total different personalities and the one you are talking about is just shy/cautious.....I'm sure you maybe just looking for something that isn't there..... Keep working with him
THANKS! He just always shy's away and never looks directly at me, I always moved slow around him and didn't make a bunch of noise or anything if I was trying to socialize and then recently I swing and flick my hand around quickly and he doesnt bolt or even look! He also doesn't follow food or me with his eyes and it was making me nervous!
But I'm pretty sure he was watching me clean from his hide in the corner the other day and followed me with his eyes so I think your right @AlphaAlpha and I was just being paranoid lol
My sister is a vet and I have been speaking with her, but she is not specialized in exotics/reptiles, they are wild caught, and I haven't taken them for a checkup yet so I just didn't want to miss something and hurt the babies!