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Heat Bulb Issues


New Member
So, I’ve been going on and off the correct temperatures for my baby tegu. It’s been annoying as hell, each week we have to replace this one bulb; each time we need to replace it we buy a different brand or different heat bulb that has the same wattage and temperature. We even bought a new damn lamp, but nothing seems to work. I’m at the point of me just smashing the whole light set up.

Note that I have absolutely no issues with the other two lamps, there is a night bulb, and a basking bulb. Both I have had no issues with. At least my tegu doesn’t seem to have any change in behavior besides being a little more sleepy from the lack of proper heat, but that’s to be expected.


Active Member
I assume you're using it for night time heat? what do the temperatures fall to at night?

Also what kind of lamp are you using for it? You can't use regular dome fixtures for those, they need a specific one made for ceramic bulbs (usually wire fixture) - if not it may be overheating and frying itself/ being a fire hazard