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Ground beef


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Yes they can, but ground turkey is more recommenced. Also this is not the place for this question.


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feeding them beef in general is not good for their liver. they dont eat it in the wild and their bodies dont process it well. its best just to avoid it.


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Nonsense. They also don't eat turkey in the wild. Natural diet? It certainly isn't domesticated mice and rats. There isn't any evidence to support the claim that feeding them beef in general is bad for their liver or that they don't process it well. What IS supported is that when people tend to feed ground MEAT meals, they don't pay attention to proper nutrition, they don't spend the time constructing a well balanced diet, and THIS is what leads to tegus in poor health. For those people too lazy to try figuring the nutritional information out, whole prey diets are far less likely to lead to complications.


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Good common sense here. It should be obvious that a good (ground meat) diet fortified with proper amendments would round out the diet better than whole prey & veggies alone.