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Getting him to eat fruit


New Member
hello my red tegu is under a year old and he’s definitely giving me trouble on eating fruit/veggies I’ve tried many things he’s only had a little mango and small bite of banana. I’ve even mixed into to his fish, turkey and chicken and he will pick out all the meat and leave the fruit. All other fruits and veggies so far he won’t touch, does any one have any tips to get the young ones to eat fruit ?
My tegu will not eat fruit either except sometimes a banana my bearded dragon also will not eat fruit except sometimes blueberries I question how necessary fruit is in their diet they also will not eat vegetables that concerns me more I sprinkle micro greens and sprouts on there food so they have to eat some greens with there food horn worms are good because I can put them on the micro greens and they will hold onto them so my beardy has to eat the greens along with the worm
Also the fruit that we grow has been hybrid over many years to be much sweeter, higher in sugar then what is found in the wild and if you look at there wild environments fruit is not real abundant when I get my beardy to lick a fruit he shakes his head I am sure because it’s to sweet that’s why he likes blueberries they are lower in sugar then other fruits


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My Tegu eats fruit like I do as in we don’t lol to much sugar carbs for little bit of vitamins lol


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Lol mostly blueberries for mine and some sliced grapes. If you’re real concerned about it try cracking some fish oil pills or cod liver oil pills on the fruit to entice the Gu