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From passive to active taming?

Discussion in 'Tegu Taming and Handling Discussion' started by Jorgo, Nov 2, 2019.

  1. Jorgo

    Jorgo New Member

    Sep 17, 2019
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    Hey folks!

    I wasn't sure how else to word this thread title, so pardon if it sounds odd.

    Amigo, my red argentine tegu, is doing quite well. While he can still become startled and jump/dash, he is generally chill. However, due to changes in schedule for work (more shifts for the holiday season), I have not been able to dedicate my usual amount of time to interact. I am not sure if because of this, or merely a 'stage' within the taming process. For instance, he has seemed more wary of my hand than usual

    What I currently do is pretty passive: I lay my hand in his tank, often next to him to bask XD. I do pet him under his chin, snout, cheeks, neck and have even been able to graduate to rubbing his back some. I also slide my hand under him and allow him to use me as a basking spot (mind you all this is without taking him out of his enclosure)

    I am considering a more active/aggressive approach: Holding him, even if he doesn't like it until he has calmed down. Not necessarily restrain mind you, but keeping him moving in my hands. For the same token, I have been considering starting harness training as well, for more activity despite less time. And I won't lie I am in fact nervous and perhaps a bit afraid of holding him/picking him up, despite having done so without incident. Though all that was in the tank, I am willing to do what is needed

    *Disclaimer: I know a tegu ain't a dog and should not expect 'puppy dog tame'. While that would be nice, my goal is 'tame enough to handle safely when full-grown'

    So should I move to a more active/aggressive taming style or continue my more passive approach? Or is this just perhaps a rough patch and I am overthinking it/being too worried?

    Amigo is about 2 months old now (I don't know his exact hatch date, but he was only about 9 inches when I got him in September)