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First time Tegu owner


New Member
Hi I'm new to the forums and also a new owner/keeper of a juvenile Columbian tegu. We brought him/her (unknown gender) home this past Sunday. So far Blue is eating well, drinking, soaking and generally healthy and active in the enclosure. Obviously I did lots of research before deciding to bring Blue home, but I was hoping for some first hand advice from other, more experienced owners. I do have experience with other reptiles and large lizards, but each is unique. So far I've been talking to Blue softly every day, a few times a day, and just generally moving around the area her enclosure is so she gets used to me. My husband has also been talking to her frequently. She does huff a lot. Yesterday when I was getting her water tub out she huffed and gaped a bit. She's definitely not ready for handling yet as far as I can tell. I guess I'm just looking for suggestions to help the taming process along, so that both Blue and I can get to know each other and hopefully build a strong trusting bond. Thanks!


You gotta take it bit by bit, as far as i am aware, this species is harder to tame as opposed to the Argentine puppy lizards, lol. I've worked with my female steadily the last few months, and there has been progress. Generally, getting your hand in there, within reason, and letting them see you mean them no harm, is the best way to go. This is what i have done, and now mine will approach my hand and scent it.


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Hey I know im late, I have had my colombian for a month... when i got him he was slightly tamed already but would whip and huff.. he now will fight a bit but will handle handling. alot of this process has been due to enclosure maintnence. and he just kinda deals with me. but it is expected these guys are more resistant to handling compared to the reds and argentines. tonka is growing on me lol